JUST A MAP�A LULLABY TO THE WORLD - Christianne's debut solo CD...

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The Detroit News, by Eric Henrickson

Fans of world music get a global tour on Tisdale's debut CD, 16 tracks sung in 14 languages from almost as many countries. Most every song is a gem. Tisdale moves easily between languages...It's not every album that lulls you to sleep with snippets from the Hebrew "K'riat Shema al Hamita" or Afghanistan's "Aa Lalo Bacha Lalo," translated in the liner notes as, "Go to sleep, my little moon, in a cradle made of gold and pearls." ...From the Netherlands to South Africa, it's a musical view of a world that's much gentler than our own can be.

 MOMSCAPE, by Susie Cortwright


Broadway singer Christianne Tisdale takes your family on a musical journey around the globe with traditional and not-so-traditional lullabies from 13 countries in 14 different languages.  Her voice is simply gorgeous, and the music is soothing for children and parents.

A portion of the proceeds benefit charities promoting peace and human rights awareness.

 WCGA�s Franklin in the Morning Show, by Franklin Raff

A cool idea, very well executed. A lot of these lullabies are deeply haunting - spooky even - and I have to admit the ghostly ones are my faves. I interviewed Christianne yesterday morning on WCGA's Franklin in the Morning Show (Jax/Savannah/Brunswick) and we played a few tracks. Really unusual, cool stuff. Went over well.

American Theater Web, by Andy Propst


Tisdale, one of Broadway�s Belles in Beauty and the Beast, brings a global musicality to this new age lullaby. One finds Australian Aboriginal music in a medley that also includes U2. Joshua Rosenblum (who wrote Fermat�s Last Tango seen a few years back at York Theatre Company) provides the accompaniment, with a number of instrumental sounds, on the disc�s 15 tracks, sometimes making it welcoming to the ear, sometimes distancing, always exotic. Tisdale�s voice, ethereal and sometimes re-mixed and dubbed into self-duets, can comfort.

Electronic Link Journey, by Laurie Lawson


All over the world mothers put their children to sleep.  For those children fortunate enough, anticipation of a new day and hope for a future await them at the end of their sleep. We seem to be having trouble finding universality throughout the world.  Perhaps CHRISTIANNE TISDALE has the right idea with her new CD, "Just A Map...A Lullaby To The World."  Maybe music and a desire for peace for our children is the binding factor.  In a beautiful soprano voice, Tisdale offers up lullabies from 13 countries in 14 different languages.  Someone must be listening because her CD became a top seller on CDBaby.com for the week of May 19th! "Just A Map...A Lullaby To The World" is a unique experience that broadens your respect and increases your empathy for all of humankind.

The Shoreline Times, by Paul Lehmanb

She recently released her first solo CD �Just a Map�A Lullaby to the World,� a delightful and melodious musical journey around the world sung in fourteen different languages and available online at CDBaby.com.

The Connecticut Post, by Joe Meyers

Tisdale recently teamed with an old Yale classmate, Joshua Rosenblum, to produce her first solo CD Just a Map�A Lullaby to the World, a beautiful collection of lullabies from 13 different countries.


Some listener reviews!!

  5 out of 5 stars It's wacky and wonderful!
Reviewer: Robert Schmidt
I bought the CD because it seemed like a cool thing to do. Now that I've listened to it, I'm buying copies of it for all the pregnant people and new parents I know! Okay, so a couple of the lullabies are a little more up tempo than I'd have expected, but overall I love it--and I know my friends will, too!


5 out of 5 stars Beautiful and universal
Reviewer: Owen
Christianne Tisdale has created a gorgeus collection that encompasses a huge range of cultures, languages, and styles. Her rethinking of traditional songs and introduction of beautiful offerings from many cultures is a stunning success. It works for adults, children, and everyone.


5 out of 5 stars Absolutely beautiful vocals and songs!
Reviewer: Anne Virtue
This CD is lovely, soothing, and I love to dance with my 3 year old son and sing along to "Dream a Little Dream"!


5 out of 5 stars for Christianne.. what I think of her CD
Reviewer: Karyn ^-^
Beautifully done! Nothing less than I expected, and much more than I had hoped for. My favorite right now, is "Dream a Little Dream" as I can envision my grandfather dancing with my grandma back in the 1940's when they where young. She keeps the magic in the air.


4 out of 5 stars What a unique treat!
Reviewer: Kay Ray
What a joy listening to this cd is! Christianne's rich and silky voice singing an amazingly varied selection of songs is a unique and lovely treat. She handles each song with equal attention to technique and style... what a fantastic debut! A true one-of-a-kind! Terrific expression!


5 out of 5 stars Hauntingly beautiful, soothingly thrilling.
Reviewer: Suzanne Boutilier
What incredible range! And I'm not just referring to the multiple octaves these lullabies span (at times simultaneously). Languages, cultures, emotions--are there any left out here? Duerme, Nino Chiquito has me wishing I grew up in Spain...oh, to be lulled to sleep by that every night. And for some reason, Aa Lalo Bacha Lalo brings tears to my eyes. The amazing harmonies on Twinkle, Twinkle put a grin on my face worthy of the Cheshire Cat. And Global Warming makes my arm hairs stand on end every time I listen to it. Christianne Tisdale's exquisite voice and spot-on interpretations tie all these diverse lullabies together in this powerful, moving collection. Coincidentally (or not), I had very sweet dreams the night I first listened to Just A Map.


4 out of 5 stars Lovely recording of lovely music
Reviewer: Milton Granger
Christianne Tisdale has a beautiful voice and it�s a delight to hear her in all these languages and styles. I particularly liked �Just a map� (both versions) �Wales Tales� and �Abend Tefilla�, but everything is interesting and lovely.


5 out of 5 stars Oh, my!
Reviewer: Robert Tolmach
Beauty abounds! A beautiful idea; beautiful songs; and Christianne's beautiful voice. This is as good as it gets!


5 out of 5 stars Peaceful, melancholy, and inspirational all at the same time
Reviewer: Jeff Tomasevich
Although the languages change on the songs in this album, what is constant is that Christianne Tisdale sings them all exceptionally -- with nuanced and controlled intonations in her voice that bring a different life to each of them. Because all of the songs are lullabies, they are all peaceful and soothing; some, however, seem a bit melancholy, while others are inspirational. A wonderfully charming album!